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Shared spaces for individual users, local search by suit mane for Test Cases/Articals, bucket by parent task |Release Notes|

Tutorials,29 May 2023
Shared spaces for individual users, local search by suit mane for Test Cases/Articals, bucket by parent task                         |Release Notes|

What’s new?

Shared spaces for individual users

This feature helps us to choose special type of spaces

Key functionalities:

  • set space sharing setting. Options are
    • Only people it’s shared with
    • Everyone who can view tasks in this project
  • search for people to share it with
    • only people who can read tasks in the project are possible people to share it with
    • click names in a multi-select DD and they should be added to the list with read permission for that space
    • toggle for edit/share permission
  • update permissions for people it’s shared with
    • update read vs edit permission for each person independently
    • unshare the space with someone (remove them) by clicking x in the list (shown on hover over a person)

[Test-Cases/Article] Make local search by suit name

This improvement helps us to search by suit names on Test-Cases and Articals

[Test Run/Test Plan] Add shift+click on test run/plan

We added ‘Hot Key’ Shift+click for selection several test-cases

[Sprint/Release] Make task key clickable in the history

We added possibility to make task key clickable for Sprints and Releases in the history

Sprint -> Details -> History tab

Release -> Details -> History tab

[Project import] Improving of CSV import functionality(Imported entries tab)

This feature helps us to see a detailed report in the Import history, specifically what fields are successfully imported, what fields were skipped. Right now it’s not convenient to check all the records manually.

In current implementation we have history status and repeat import if it was failed

This part allows us to see what information was imported.

Import details have been added in the new feature. There are two tabs: 

  • Import entries 
  • Fields mapping

Import entries tab includes import details: 

  • Status 
  • Task key that will be exist in the project after import
  • Summary 

Users can check the ‘Show only errors’ check-box and see only failed tasks. The reason will be shown on the key filed 

Fields mapping tab shows mapping that was used on import: What fields were mapped with each other in the project. 

Bucket by parent task

This feature helps us to prioritze backlog if the backlog has sunbtasks

User will be able to bucket tasks by parent tasks

What else?

  • [Log work] Issues with Time zone
  • [CSV report] Wrong list of selected fieldsaccont
  • Empty page when redirect by related tasks and test-cases
  • [Workspace] Extra projects are in a Workspace
  • [Global filter] Reset of selected project when page refresh
  • [Task] Mention users are cut into multiple lines in history
  • Various bug fixes