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How to create issue templates in Z-Stream

Tutorials,23 Mar 2021

Issue templates are a great way to help teams to quickly document issues with all the necessary details. Need all bugs to have an Environment value? Just require the environment field in the issue template for the Bug task type. You can also prefill the description with a template for reporting steps to reproduce the bug, the current behavior, and the expected behavior, for example.


To get started, head to your project settings via the Proj. Setup tab in the left nav or in the project filter. If you don’t have a project selected in the project filter, check out this tutorial.

Next, navigate to the Issue types section of the project settings page.

To edit an issue type’s template, click on the paper icon that appears when you hover over an issue type.

Now you can set up your template for this issue type!  You can mark fields as required and enable the toggles on fields to pre-fill field values, including the description. For example, you might want to pre-fill the description for bug-type issues with an “STR/current/expected” template to help your team clearly describe bugs.

When your template looks good to go, hit Update Template. You can also clear a template by hitting Reset or leave without saving your changes by hitting Cancel.

Happy Templating!