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Release Notes for Tasks, Space, and Sprint Page Improvements | Release Notes September 2023

Release Notes,Tutorials,04 Oct 2023

Improved Link Handling in Global Filter

When opening a link to an issue outside your selected global filter in a new tab, you’ll now be directed to the appropriate location. Your global filter settings will be retained, providing a more intuitive navigation experience.

For more details on these improvements, please refer to the attached documentation for each task. We hope you enjoy these enhancements to your task management workflow!

Eliminated Redundant Requests

We’ve optimized the sprint page by removing redundant requests when you perform actions like ‘rank to top.’ You’ll notice improved performance and efficiency in task previews, especially when using list view and board view.

UI Internationalization

We’re adding more languages to the Stream UI. You can select your language under User Profile -> Language. Portugese is available now on main pages and more languages will be coming soon!

Accurate Range Display in Timeline View

Your timeline view experience is getting an upgrade! Date ranges will now be displayed correctly, eliminating any display anomalies or inconsistencies. Managing timelines has never been more precise.