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Report bugs directly from test runs | Release Notes 2021.07.09

Changelog,10 Jul 2021

What’s New?

Create tasks and add relationship directly from test results

When you add results to a test case in a test run, you can add a relationship to an existing ticket or create a new ticket directly into your development project. This works just like the quick-create bar on the individual task page but it allows you to add related tasks for the specific test result that you’re working with in the test run.

To use this feature, make sure you’re reasonably familiar with Test Runs. If you’re not familiar with Test Runs, no worries – check out the introduction video below!

Burndown chart and status flow chart for Releases

Burndown charts are available under the Details tab of any Release. You can see the number of unresolved tasks burn down over time or switch to the ‘status flow’ view to see how the distribution of your tasks’ status has changed over time in the release. Soon you’ll also be able to see when tasks were moved into and out of the release on the status flow chart, as well as the aggregate progress of your release’s tasks over time.

What else?

  • If any rows can’t be imported during a CSV import, the number that failed is shown in a banner when the import is finished
  • Task keys in the live time tracking pane are clickable links