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Welcome to Z-Stream, the One-Stop PM Tool!

Tutorials,30 Apr 2019
Welcome to Z-Stream, the One-Stop PM Tool!

What is Z-Stream?

Z-Stream is a flexible project management tool specially developed to help teams manage their projects from start to finish: build roadmaps, set goals, study reports, improve team integration, and more! Originally designed to meet the needs of our own agile team, Z-Stream has everything you could possibly want from a project management tool in one agile software suite. With Z-Stream, you won’t need to learn and manage several different tools and platforms on top of managing your project.

What Is an Agile Team?

Agile teams are designed to be cross-functional, and thus require advanced workflow tools and flexible, efficient management to develop high-quality products without having to look for additional help outside of the team. Because of their cross-functional and adaptive nature, agile teams need flexible, user-friendly software to track progress, break down problems, and make decisions on the fly.  

Agile teams are focused on getting the best results. This means they have to be extremely flexible, transparent, and organized. In our experience, the agile team management apps available just did not meet these unique requirements. However, Z-Stream connects everything agile teams need in order to produce the best outcome, including everything from a time tracker app to QA management software. Z-Stream was made to meet the demands of any agile team.  

Why Did We Create Z-Stream?

As an agile team ourselves, Zazmic required an app that was easy-to-use, functional and adaptable, so it could cater to our dynamic needs. However, no agile project management software out there seemed to be able to deliver, as we ran into various issues with other programs:

– Many of them were too complex: they did not have an intuitive design and were not user-friendly.

– Many apps are designed to accommodate specified teams: for example, they only suit a sales team or a tech team.

– The majority had an unnecessarily large number of features. Others went the opposite direction and did not have the tools an agile team needs.

– Other apps were not able to integrate with the platforms and processes used daily by agile teams.

We needed an all-in-one tool that would satisfy the expectations of an agile team, so we made Z-Stream -highly adaptable and customizable software that can fit any project. It naturally integrates with the processes agile teams love and was designed to support start-to-finish project development, while also having an intuitive design that is easy to use. 

What Benefits Does Z-Stream Provide?

With so many project management tools out there, what makes Z-Stream unique? Here are several advantages that you won’t get from any other management service: 

1. Provides an all-in-one experience. Z-Stream comes in one convenient package. It gets rid of the need for bulky tables and complicated integrations. With Z-Stream, the process of collecting and analyzing information is incredibly easy.

2. Allows you to manage your team from anywhere. Z-Stream has both mobile and web versions. This allows you to keep track of your team’s progress from anywhere. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the road, Z-Stream is right at your fingertips.

3. Makes it easy to keep your clients up-to-date. Z-Stream allows you to gather information and send reports to clients in just a few clicks. Z-Stream allows you to effectively answer any questions your clients have and encourages transparency.  You can create custom permissions and choose exactly what you share with clients, whether it’s product roadmaps, test results for an upcoming release, or the status of their requests.

4. Easy, effective design allows anyone to use the app. Both your customers and your team will quickly be able to navigate and utilize Z-Stream’s tools and apps.

5. Smart integrations let you continue using your fundamental tools. Z-Stream allows you to use the tools you already have in place, eliminating the need to figure out how to use a completely new platform for each app you use. View all of your GitHub or GitLab data from each issue inside of Z-Stream.

Z-Stream Can Not Only Be Used for Different Teams, But Also for Different Roles.   

Z-Stream provides unique options and tools for various kinds of teams. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, founder, CEO, VP, etc. You’ll be able to use Z-Stream to effectively accomplish your goals. Z-Stream is highly customizable and flexible, which allows it to be used by any team, whether they are just starting out or highly experienced. It has a QA management tool that allows you to track progress, assess new features, and study reports. Project managers can use Z-Stream to create tasks, track progress and send reports to clients, while simultaneously keeping track of the product’s quality.  

Z-Stream is here to provide the perfect all-in-one project management experience, offering the functionality you need to optimize time-management and get the most out of your team’s workflow. Z-Stream makes it easy to keep track of your and your team’s responsibilities, providing everything you need to make a best-in-class, dominant product.