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Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.06.28

Changelog,28 Jun 2021

What’s New?

Search tutorials via the help menu

Click the help menu icon in the header next to the notifications icon and search for tutorials. You can also access the Z-Stream API docs, live chat support, and release notes – but now you can directly search for and open tutorial articles or videos without leaving what you’re working on.

Spaces improvements (Tasks tab)

Switch between spaces quickly by clicking the name of the space you’re viewing and selecting another space. Bucketing settings are now saved as part of spaces and the spaces list saves its open/closed state. The tab to open the spaces list has been enlarged and the ‘spaces’ label was added to make it easier to find. Multiple bugs with filters and table settings were fixed.

What else?

  • Custom fields can now be shown in the subtasks/related tasks accordion
  • You can now customize the Releases table (hide/resize/reorder columns)
  • You can choose which kind of progress bars you want to see in User profile -> Settings -> Progress bar type