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Dark Mode, Timelog approval for Timesheets, Knowledge Management project

Z-Features,28 Nov 2022
Dark Mode, Timelog approval for Timesheets, Knowledge Management project

Dark Mode

If you would like to chache your color background: Personal profile -> Setting -> Color schema

Timelog approval for Timesheets

This feature allows us to create a monthly timelog report for the account department or client.

The PM or HR has to update the approval of someone’s working hours, they can do so (to approve all logged hours per a month). The updated approval replaces the previous approval.

If the PM or HR wants to revoke approval, they can do so and then no hours from that period are approved.

Click on the bottom “Manage worklog approvals”
Timelog approval sending report

We have possibility to save recipient e-mail:

Project Setup -> Project Overview -> Default timelog approval report recipients (field)

We have the possibility to send reports automatically. Project Setup -> Project Overview -> switch on “Automatically send timelog approval report” function

The User who most recently approved the logged time for that month should get notification by an email if someone from the team logges own working time after that approval and the this time should be updated and approved (or revoked).

Knowledge Management project

In the Knowledge Management (KM) project, a knowledge document typically consists of information about a particular topic. The amount of detail and length depends on the complexity of the topic and the audience for the document. Knowledge documents can include attachments that can be images, text files, PDF files for example. In the out-of-box system, the types of knowledge documents are error messages, external documents, question/answer documents, problem/solution documents, and reference documents. All knowledge documents are assigned to at least one document category and may be placed in multiple categories. A typical document category might be technical documents or Software procedures.

What else?

  • Update numerical field on drag and drop when sorted by numerical field
  • Improve boards coloumn size
  • Improve scroll on timeline view
  • Fixed Test-cases/Articles table issues
  • Various bug fixes