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Z-Stream Release Notes 2020.05.09

Changelog,09 May 2020
Z-Stream Release Notes 2020.05.09

What’s New?


New Roles and Permissions Implementation and Admin page

Note: Following the migration from the old permissions scheme, some existing roles have been changed slightly in the process of migrating to new default roles. If you have permissions problems please contact your account admin and ask them to create a new role from your project settings or admin settings.

  • Create and name custom project and account-wide roles with granular permissions
    • account-wide roles: admin -> roles
    • project roles: project settings -> roles
  • Create new roles based on existing defaults and custom roles
  • Side-tab admin page layout replaces clunky top-tab-side-tab layout

  • View permissions on project page users list and admin users list

New Roadmap timeline experience

  • Create beautiful timeline views from roadmap items
  • Create items and milestones directly on the timeline
  • Drag and drop to visualize your outlook over weeks, months, or years
  • Swimlane view no longer jumps on moving items
  • View a roadmap -> view selector -> create new view

Comment threads

  • Start a thread from any comment to keep conversations organized
  • Only first and last two messages of threads are shown at first

What else?

  • Export custom field values in task exports
  • New attachment viewer and interactions: click anywhere on attachment to open
  • Cross-project relationships between issues in different projects
  • Custom fields are included in the task creation form
  • Custom fields support ‘Not selected’ filter
  • Task titles show in notification pane
  • Tasks in completed releases can be edited (after confirmation)
  • Tasks tab saves active tab
  • In-app notifications are marked as read on clicking through push notifications
  • Release field can be shown on task lists
  • Select project with arrow keys in global filter
  • BE soft-deletion support for tasks (restoring tasks will be supported in-app soon)
  • Updates and security fixes to login and landing pages