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Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.01.10

Changelog,10 Jan 2021
Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.01.10

What’s New?


Custom task types

  • Customize your task types via project settings -> task types
  • Create new mid-level types and rename your top-level (epic) or bottom-level type (subtask) in each project

For example, here’s how task types might be set up in a project for handling customer success issues like support requests:


Basic keyboard shortcuts

  • We’ve added a few basic keyboard shortcuts for frequent actions. They only work when you’re not already typing in an editor or text input
  • Global shortcuts (also shown in tooltips)
    • n : New task -> opens “Create task” form
    • g : Global search -> search tasks, project, boards, and releases
    • q : Project filter -> choose a project or workspace to work in
  • Task page & side popup shortcuts
    • d : Toggle “Description” accordion
    • r : Toggle “Related tasks” accordion
    • s : Toggle “Status” accordion
    • c : Toggle “Details” accordion


Support for viewing PDF and text files in Stream

  • Open attached PDFs and .txt files directly in Stream
  • Open PDFs in a new tab


Watched tasks must be actively selected

  • Users will no longer be added as a watcher when they are assigned a task or are reporter of a task
  • You’ll only be a watcher on issues that you specifically start watching (and any you are already watching as of this release)


What else?

  • Show, hide, and reorder stock fields on the related tasks table

  • Rank sorting (drag & drop sort) moves faster at top and bottom of tables
  • Side popup edged are accented on hovering to show that they can be resized
  • Task duplication within the same project copies custom fields