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Z-Stream Release Notes 2020.07.14

Changelog,13 Jul 2020
Z-Stream Release Notes 2020.07.14

What’s New?


Drag & drop rank sorting

  • With no sort applied, drag tasks into place on boards and task lists to rank them as needed
  • Rank sort replaces updated as the default sort – you can sort by updated as its own column (if you enable the updated column in table settings)

Board card editor

  • Customize which fields are shown on board cards with the gear icon at the top right of your board
  • Show custom fields, releases, labels, and more – or hide them!

Updated text editor

  • Formatting controls are always in view and show in tooltip when highlighting some text
  • Just click and start typing – no need to enter edit mode or click to save your changes
    • changes are saved after you stop typing for 5 seconds and when you click anywhere else in Stream
  • Attachments always show with thumbnail and title, no shortcodes

Performance improvements

  • Updating a single task is now ~9X faster
  • Updating multiple tasks is ~3X faster

Live time tracking

  • Let Z-Stream track time spent on tasks and easily create a worklog for tracked time
  • Click “Start tracking” from a task’s context menu or search by key or title from the stopwatch icon in the header
  • Track, pause tracking, log time, or discard a tracker from the stopwatch icon in the header
  • Trackers are persistent – close your tab without fear, your tracker is stored as timestamp on the server and will still be running when you reopen Z-Stream

See only the fields you need

  • Only fields with values are shown on tasks – click “add field” to add a field and a value
  • set a field to “not selected” or remove the value to hide it again
  • Custom fields are no longer in their own accordion

Unassigned tasks

  • Tasks can be unassigned – click ‘not selected’ to remove all assignees

Moving tasks is easier

  • Move tasks by clicking the project, release, or board field on the task page or on a task list then selecting a new location

Smarter history & notifications

  • history entries and notifications aggregate changes over a minute to avoid sending multiple notifications for changes that are made right after one another
  • History fields are styled

Side popup improvements

  • Side popup is now available from all task lists
    • click the task key to navigate to the task page
    • click the summary to open the task in the side popup
  • Resize the side popup to see more details at once, especially on large screens

What else?

  • Live resizing of table columns & improved contrast for hover/active feedback. Click anywhere on a column header to sort
  • Attachment viewer aspect ratio issues are fixed and contrast with background is clearer

  • Last view on roadmap is saved and shown on returning
  • Usability improvements to assignee filters on boards: larger avatars, shorter tooltip delays, and the order of assignees is saved just for you, based on who you filter by most often

  • Task page accordions are sticky now so you can minimize a long description even if you’re near the end of it
  • Content container can be disabled to make content span the full width of the page – set this in the “interface” tab on the profile page

  • Searching from search icon on lists gets all results, not just results from loaded items
  • Tooltips show time spent and status names on hovering over board and release metrics

  • Bucket by label and board on release task lists
  • Bucket by release and label on boards