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Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.03.20

Changelog,19 Mar 2021
Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.03.20

What’s New?


Issue Templates

Now you can make sure your whole team reports issues in a consistent way!

  • Pre-fill an issue template for each issue type
  • Require fields when creating an issue


New Dashboards (Part 1)

  • New grid layout lets you resize blocks and rearrange them however you want
  • Create private views for yourself or share them with your project team. Everyone will see the same layout, blocks, filters, sorting, and table settings on shared dashboard views
  • The next version will support high level statistics and more widgets optimized for the new grid layout


Duplicate Projects precisely

  • Create new projects using settings from an existing project
  • Choose independently which settings to duplicate to the new project including:
    • team
    • status workflow
    • project-level roles
    • issue types
    • field settings


Manage projects in the project filter

  •  Projects are now managed in the project filter + list
    • Create new projects by hovering over the “All projects” selector and click the “+” icon
    • Update project settings via the left-nav tab “Proj. Setup” or by clicking the gear icon next to the project you want to edit in the project filter
  • The “Projects” tab shown in the left-nav when viewing all projects has been removed
    • To view the full list of projects select “All projects” in the project filter and click “View list” in the project filter


What else?

  • Navigate to other attachments from the attachment viewer

  • Rank to top and start watching tasks from lists

  • “Assign to me” action has been replaced by showing  the current user on top of the assignee dropdown’s list so they can add themself easily

  • Points start off as “not selected” and can be reset

  • Tasks API response can include names of custom fields and custom field values
    • Include the parameter withFieldNames=true in your request URL when fetching tasks to include the field names and names of field values in the response
    • Read the tasks API docs here
    • Head to /api/docs from your own account to make calls directly from the docs