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Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.02.13

Changelog,14 Feb 2021
Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.02.13

What’s New?


QA projects, starting with test case management

  • Create QA projects to manage testing right alongside development and relate development tickets to test cases in a snap
  • This release introduces QA projects with the Test Cases tab, which is where permanent test cases can be organized into test suites and maintained
    • Test cases can have custom fields, just like tasks
  • A future release will deliver support for
    • Importing test cases and suites from
    • Creating Test Plans and Test Runs which allow for gathering a subset of your test cases into a group and creating testing instances of those cases to which pass/fail results can be added and reported over time

Realtime updates

  • Updates to tasks and new comments will appear in realtime as other users make changes


API tokens & docs

  • Create API tokens that have the same permissions as your account
    • head to your profile -> API Tokens to create a token
  • Check out the API docs at {your_account}
    • you can read about Z-Stream endpoints and try out requests in swagger
    • to make requests with your API tokens, include the token in an “x-api-key” header in your request


Rank sorting for releases

  • If you’re not sorting by another field you can drag and drop releases to order them on the releases page
  • Dragging a release into or out of the pinned releases will add or remove a pin as appropriate


Project filter set automatically in new tabs

  • Open a task in a new tab and the project filter will automatically be set to the project of that task


What else?

  • Better date filters
    • filter by date created and/or date updated separately
    • easily select a useful time period like today, yesterday, or the last 7/30/90 days

  • Search is supported for custom field values in filters

  • Create new values for fields right in the dropdown

  • Labels field has been migrated to a custom field and can now be shown in tables
  • Notifications load much faster in the notifications pane