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Z-Stream Release Notes 2021.05.27

Changelog,27 May 2021

What’s New?

Test Runs

Test Runs are snapshots of your permanent test cases that help you track whether those cases passed or failed at a certain point in time. For example, before releasing a new version of a product, your QA team might go through a “Critical Functionality” test run to make sure all critical test cases are passing.

Create Test Runs from Test Plans or from specific test suites and test cases. Launch them and add results with notes and attachments as you check your test cases.

Pie charts on dashboards

Stay on top of your projects’ health with the new, powerful pie charts available in the Dashboards tab. You can filter to focus on a specific set of tasks and then break down that set by status, task type, assignee, and even custom fields.

New progress bars

The new progress bars in Z-Stream show the distribution of tasks along your workflow, including empty statuses, so you can understand progress more easily.

What else?

  • Test Suite tree usability improvements
    • Removed delay for drop feedback when reordering suites
    • Fixed bugs that showered drop feedback in the wrong place
  • Live chat support, built in
    • Just hit the red button in the bottom-right of Z-Stream
    • Or click “Ask a human” in the help menu in the header

  • Your personal table settings are saved for each space in the tasks tab