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Z-Stream Release Notes 2020.02.21

Changelog,21 Feb 2020
Z-Stream Release Notes 2020.02.21

What’s New?


Custom fields in tables

  • Custom fields can now be shown in tables when viewing a list of items from one project
  • Filtering and sorting by custom fields is now supported
  • Column-widths are now defined in pixels and tables can be scrolled horizontally to view more information.

New Roadmap experience

  • Customizable tables come to roadmaps
  • New swimlane view
    • create items in place by clicking the + icon in swimlane buckets
    • drag and drop rows or columns to reorder them
    • click items to open them in the side popup
    • collapse swimlane rows
  • New timline view on the way

What else?

  • Bulk change supported on subtasks list on task page
  • Time for bulk changes reduced ~90%
  • Quick-create supported in board list views and releases
  • CSV export improvements
    • Support for including labels in CSV exports
    • Estimates are now in integer amounts of hours
    • HTML formatting removed from description
  • API support for individual and bulk update by task key
  • Close bulk-change menu with Esc key